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Mad Men on the IDES OF MAY


Channel of The Day:    May15


Mad Men on the Ides Of May


IDES OF MAY: The middle of May; approximately May 15th. This is the general date at which all high-school seniors have gotten where they want to be and thus, stop caring about high school. This coincides with the point in the grading term in which they can still pass their classes without doing any work from there on out. - Urban Dictionary


A Voyage to Venus and Back


A Voyage to Venus and Back

Envisioning New World Realities through Old World Ideals (or Visa Versa?).

A New Science is Emerging for A New Way of Living.


This week the physicists up at CERN confirmed their findings of the Higgs Boson, often referred to  as the God Particle. 

Forgoing a detailed scientific or mathematical explanation of the significance of this finding, the simple channeled layman’s explanation is that science is finally proving how matter was created from nothing.   That in fact, all matter, as philosophically theorized and more often perceptually dismissed, is merely nothing but pure energy slowed down and weighted to give off the appearance of solidity and mass.

Univinity Preface- I am God

I was born into this world like a few,  but maybe not to the potential of others, with the ability, on occasion, to float outside my body.  Free myself from the restraints of my physicality and observe the world through the eyes of energy and the patterns that exist within. 

With this connection at the core of my mind, I have on many more occasions invited the outside floaty me, my sixth (dimensional) level higher self to enter into my physical body and see the world through the same eyes designed to observe 3rd and 4th level awareness.  When this occurs, I am transformed and can see the world in all its glory as both the  physical masterpiece it appears to be, only much more vibrant, spacious and alive than ever before as well as the energy patterns that project the perception of what that object looks like through the 3D lenses that sit in my head.  

Do You Have To Be The Color of Your Eyes?

It’s amazing the different meanings a statement takes when looked at first, through Egoic eyes, then through Intuitive eyes and finally though complimentary combinations.   This suddenly became clear as I was mulling over a question that often complexes my mind.   That of which why I find the following questions (Who am I , where am I, and why am I) so alien to the core of my very existence and  yet so deeply personal all at the same time.   In other words, Do you have to be the color of your eyes

Universal Knowledge

Universal Knowledge

As human’s we have the option to gather knowledge in one of two way, Intellectually or Intuitively.  When we collect knowledge intellectually, we use our egoic mind to solicit information from various second hand sources through reading, listening and practicing others people’s ideas, lessons and works. Each of these methods work well in gathering the information and help us each individually sort through, dissect  and latch on to what we hold dear to our hearts – that of which pertains to our true intentions, our individual point of view.


To experience true univinity, a full sense of belonging and oneness with the divine, one must first fully experience and understand the four pillars of energy that help comprise  all that is.   That of which is Earth (physical energy), Universe (vibrational energy),  Body (physical divine energy) and Mind (Conscious Divine energy).   Each energy holds substantial power when tapped into separately but when combined and connected together create the complete universe of each individual’s divine presences (P.O.V) and opens the door to universal divine presence, where everyone’s individual conscious view is part of the same divine consciousness and individuality is morphed within unity.  

Dimensional Layers: Reconnecting to Your Higher Consciousness

Dimensional Layers:

As creatures of a 3 Dimensional reality, what we know is primarily based on what we perceive through our physical senses,  which by nature is bound to the three dimensional views of the reality we have created.  In this world energy is perceived as physical mass, and it is taken for granted that an object’s identity is solely based on its physical attributes.   Likewise space and time are defined in the linear,  stacked up and viewed in a preset order.   

Stages of Consciousness

      If it is apparent to all that there are at least three stages of consciousness- asleep, dreaming and awake, it is also evident to most that the forth stage is spiritual awareness. An intuitive feeling that there is a presence above and beyond the physical boundaries that we lie in front of ourselves like a fortress to protect us from the unknown. Thus to a smaller segment lies the fifth stage, reserved for to those who are awake enough to delve into that divine presence in a physical sense. To experience the beauty and silence of stillness, where time has no meaning and the infinite is familiar. It is the enlightened mediator who often catches glimpses of this magical world, even though he is still entrenched in the disillusion of the reality he has created for himself.