Mad Men on the IDES OF MAY

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Channel of The Day:    May15


Mad Men on the Ides Of May


IDES OF MAY: The middle of May; approximately May 15th. This is the general date at which all high-school seniors have gotten where they want to be and thus, stop caring about high school. This coincides with the point in the grading term in which they can still pass their classes without doing any work from there on out. - Urban Dictionary


Wow its already the Ides of May and I haven’t even posted a daily channel yet (my only homework from my enthusiastically promoted new years resolution), but what else do you expect from The  Procrastinating Egoic Channel.    I meant well, I always do but life gets away pulling me  out of the present or I get lost floating in other realms and its hard to put the pieces back together when I re-enter this atmosphere.  


Well thats not to say that I sat idle as each of the past 4 ides pasted by.   That’s funny, I’m dragging out (higher self talking now) some really long off the wall ides pun, you know IDES of May (mentioned above), and of course IDES of March (Julius Ceasar) so I look up IDES of February and the only thing I get , Thanks to the Urban Dictionary is:   ValentIDEs Day;   Feb. 15, Best day to celebrate Valentine's Day, where restaurants do not try to gouge you with exorbitant prices.  And its turns out the pun is on me  and my ValentIDEs Day BirthDay. 


Which is very apropos because today’s channel is all about WHO I finally realize I am and what my new Job is in this new world of mixing our Life Path with our spiritual path. 


Now this information did not come easy over the last 4 month (year and a half if you are really counting) as I was dealing with a growing procrastination problem as I worked to dislodge the talons of ego as  they cut through my left hemisphere in a move to re-control  the right.   Its been a struggle, at sometimes very ugly,  but ironically the cloud is breaking (thanks Joanie!)  around the two worlds  to which I reside in and its starting to make alot of sense.  But lets  skip past all the egoic drama that has surrounded my life this year.   That is many chapters in a book, someday I hope these writings will  eventually become.


For those of you who want to follow along I will be positing both my resume and the chapter guideline to the aforementioned book  on  where you can make connections to my game book as pre-membered and acutually lived, but in the case of expediency (did I mention I have a tangent problem), I will summarize  in this post which is more about who I am as merge my spiritual and business paths and what Univinity is as it merges with its spiritual and new buisness sides:


So what is My new Job you may ask.   Quite simply its my first job, what I went to school for, what I know best- Talent Agent.   It is closely couples with what I do best, which I totally channeled from my father as we are both MAD MEN.   He in both literal senses.   Yes he worked a career in advertising starting in the 1960s while suffering from bi-polar depression and other forms of psychosis most of his life.    I suffer from my own form of psychosis, that of which occurs when I disconnect from this reality and view the world through my higher conscious eyes, a world of energy and intention, while also spending most of my career as a mad man polishing my proclivity for marketing. 


So simply put, I am a Talent Agent for energy workers.   I find talent, the true purveyors of energy and  provide the platform, connections and head start to promote their piece of the puzzle to the world as they exercise their intention.   Univinity is the Platform for the Talent, an Agency if you will for everyone to display and define their message:


Book Agency:   For all the poets out there Univinity will be a  publishing house for everyone who has a story to share and those who have already taken the steps to self publishing.   We offer promotion services, expert advice and training from starting a concept to final production.   In addition we will be offering blog space to get you message out to a preset audience. 


Talent Agency:  We will gather and help promote your events along, introduce you to influential people who will help make your career and show case your talents for the world to see.


PR Agency:   We will get you the coverage  you need to build an audience/clientele  whether your aspirations are local, national or global.  


Television Station:   For most energy work, seeing is believing.   And with most energy workers I meet, seeing is definitely believing.  Many master energy facilitators wear that wonderful energy as a badge of honor for everyone to see through their phenomenal personalities.   Univinity will be highlighting these captivating personalities with internet tv shows  that are entertaining and compelling all highlighting their miraculous piece of the story.  stay tuned for the Fall Schedule Line up coming soon. 


Advertising Agency/Sponsor Program:   While the concept of Univinity supersedes the call for paid advertisements there is a call for high quality products that help aid and enhance our connection to energy.   The Univinity exchange will connect those who promote such product by sponsoring our up and coming stars who see a fit for their product in their life/work  with links on their pages, communication to their fan base and sponsorship of their retreats workshops. 



Earlier this month I posted a sneak peek at some of the  great Talent that is forging the foundation of Univinity.   I hope you all have the opportunity to read their story as it published,  come out to their meet-ups and watch them grow into stardom.